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Friday, July 2, 2004

Enjoy the latest batch of photos from Nordhavn Atlantic Rally 2004. Remember, this a weblog, thus, posts appear with the last one first.


Quote of the day on the VHF by John Spencer aboard the Nordhavn 40 Uno Mas: "It was like the boat was standing on its stern. I saw only air, no water." Photo by Ken Williams aboard Sans Souci.


"A blast" is how John and Sue Spencer, owners of Uno Mas, the smallest boat in the rally fleet, described the entire rally experience, including the rough last night in the final approach to Gib. Read their full story, and the accounts of other rally participants, in the fall edition of the new magazine Power Cruising. See logo at top right for information about Power Cruising and to request a free copy.

If you wish to receive Circumnavigator, in which the rallly will be featured in a comprehensive manner, send your name and address to

Out in the open strait, anemometers start reading 35 to 40 knots, with higher gusts, as the Nordhavn 62 Grey Pearl shoulders her way toward Gib. Smaller boats feel the weather even more, but shouts of "Yahoo!" can be heard on the VHF. Skippers and crews have been seasoned by close to 4,000 nautical miles of open ocean. Photo by Ken Williams aboard Sans Souci.

When wind speed reaches 30 knots, spray begins to coat the pilothouse windows on Goleen, accompanied by occasional green water. Chris Samuelson steers his Nordhavn toward the Spanish coast, aiming to get out of the worst weather that is centered in the strait. On the VHF, he urges other to follow his lead.

Red sky in morning . . . Dawn breaks to reveal the Spanish coast and a headwind that is gaining in velocity as we approach Gibraltar.

The last sunset at sea is pleasant enough, with just a slight kick in the sea hinting at the nastiness to come.

There is only one target being reported by AIS in the above photograph but by the time we approached the Strait of Gibraltar, as many as 14 ships and ferries were criss-crossing ahead and behind us at one time, keeping Chris Samuelson aboard Goleen busy, first, in communication with the ships, then, in advising the rally boats as to who was heading where. Goleen is the only yacht in the rally with the new Automatic Identification System.


For more in AIS, go

At 90 feet, the Monk-McQueen custom Crosser was the largest boat in the fleet, as well as being the most friendly and hospitable.

Crosser's owners David Stone and Sandy Howarth love their boat, and they love sharing it.

It was wonderful to run on Leg 3 with two Nordhavn 62s, Sans Souci and Grey Pearl, the trawler yachts that best exemplify--at least, in my mind's eye--what a genuine passagemaker should look like.


It was Jon Ehly's lure, but I kissed it before letting the line out, and I brought the fish in, so I'd like to take full credit for the bonita tuna that Jon shows off.


Alas, it wasn't sashimi grade, but after a 24-hour marinade in soya and olive oil, it made for fine eating.


Bransom Bean continues to stand . . . er, sit watches aboard Goleen despite a foot injury received during the group swim in mid-passage.

Saturday, July 3, 2004

From Milt Baker, NAR co-ordinator extraordinaire, to the rally fleet:


Marina Bay Marina and the Rally advance team are ready for your arrival Saturday and will be standing by on VHF-71. NAR yachts arriving with the group are authorized to proceed directly to the marina area without first stopping at the Gibraltar customs reception berth as is normally required. A Rally agent will board each yacht arriving with the group at Marina Bay to collect forms and passports to handle inward clearance. Crewmembers are authorized to leave their vessels to assist other Rally yachts arriving in the marina but should not leave the pier until clearance has been granted. Any Rally yacht not arriving with the group must first report to the Gibraltar customs reception berth as outlined on page 134 of the Rally Ops Manual.

1. Docking Plan. We are trying to have all NAR yachts close to one another in the marina, and the best place to do that is towards the outer end of the marina. Not all berths there have numbers, and the numbers are mostly not visible to yachts coming in--hence, the descriptions below. Looking at the graphics at the bottom of page 132 of the Rally Ops Manual, here's where we expect to place the yachts and the approximate order in which we hope to take them alongside:

* Atlantic Escort - alongside on the SW (outer) side of Pier 1, close to the marina tower (pier office) Uno Mas - alongside on the S (outer) side of Pier 1, immediately E of Atlantic Escort Strickly for Fun - alongside on the S (outer) side of Pier 1, immediately E of Uno Mas Sans Souci - alongside on the SW (outer) side of Pier 1, immediately SW of Atlantic Escort Autumn Wind - alongside on the SW (outer) side of Pier 1, immediately SW of Sans Souci Emeritus - Med moored on the W (outer) side of Pier 2, two berths inboard from the W end, using marina mooring line off the bow Sea Fox - Med moored next to Emeritus on the W (outer) side of Pier 2, one berth inboard from the N end, using marina mooring line off the bow Goleen - Med moored next to Sea Fox on the W (outer) side of Pier 2, in the outermost berth at the N end, using marina mooring line off the bow Crosser - alongside on the E (inside) side of Pier 1 Grey Pearl - Med moored on the W (outer) side of Pier 1 fourth berth from the N end, using own anchor off the bow Que Linda - Med moored next to Grey Pearl on the W (outer) side of Pier 1, third berth from the N end, using own anchor off the bow Four Across - Med moored next to Que Linda on the W (outer) side of Pier 1, second berth from the N end, using own anchor off the bow Sun Dog - Med moored next to Four Across on the W (outer) side of Pier 1, in the N'most berth, using own anchor off the bow Satchmo - Med moored on the E (inner) side of Pier 2 as far to the S as possible, using marina mooring line off the bow Envoy - Med moored immediately to the N of and alongside Satchmo on the E (inner) side of Pier 2, using marina mooring line off the bow Egret - Med moored immediately to the N of and alongside Envoy on the E (inner) side of Pier 2, using marina mooring line off the bow World Odd @ Sea - Med moored immediately to the N of and alongside Egret on the E (inner) side of Pier 2, using marina mooring line off the bow Stargazer - Med moored immediately to the N of and alongside World Odd on the E (inner) side of Pier 2, using marina mooring line off the bow

While the piermaster has measured and expects everyone to fit, last-minute changes may be required.

* Suggest putting Atlantic Escort's RIB in the water shortly before docking to assist other yachts, especially those using Marina Bay's mooring lines.

2. Electric. All berths have either 32-amp or three-phase electric, and it appears that Crosser, Autumn Wind and Atlantic Escort will be in position to use three-phase and all other yachts in position to use 32-amp service. We will have sufficient 32-amp plugs for each yacht to have one upon arrival.

3. Communications. I will handle VHF communications for arrival operations using "Rally Advance" as a call sign. Arrival and docking operations will all be on VHF channel 71.

4. Repairs. Marina Bay is upgrading its piers and marina facilities and apologizes for its appearance during the construction. During the past week, electrical service and water have been interrupted and restored more than once, and the piermaster tells us he is hopeful that there will be no more such interruptions. Just in case, we recommend that NAR yachts keep water tanks topped off and be prepared to provide their own electricity in the event of any interruption.

5. Office. We have secured the use of a small office ashore at Marina Bay to be used as the NAR office. It is located on the ground floor in the complex at the head of the pier at the rear of the ASA (All Aboard Sailing Academy) offices. An NAR sign will be on the door.

6. Meeting. A brief meeting for NAR captains will be held Saturday at 1700 on the second floor of the Marina Bay tower near the head of the dock--look for the NAR sign on the door. Space is very limited, so only one representative per Rally yacht please. We'll briefly review the revised Gibraltar schedule, introduce the Marina Bay piermaster, and respond to your questions. The meeting will provide an overview of the Gibraltar visit and let captains hear from the Marina Bay piermaster, from the Rally agent on services he can provide, from Yacht Help Group's agent for Spain on services the company offers yachts cruising in Spain, and from the director of YachtConnect which offers wi-fi internet service at Marina Bay.

7. Bunkering. Based on each yacht's fuel requirements provided upon arrival, a bunkering schedule will be made up and delivered to each yacht. Bunkering will begin Monday morning for the largest NAR yachts. There are no minimum quantity requirements for duty free fuel, meaning all NAR yachts will receive duty free fuel, and fuel will be taken on at the Shell Oil bunkering dock minutes away from Marina Bay. Fuel will cost approximately US $1.25 per gallon; we expect to have firm pricing for you at the time of bunkering. Billing will be to your credit card on file at PAE.

8. Tours. Judy has arranged tours of Gibraltar and the upper Rock of Gibraltar, with one 22-passenger bus each on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning departing the marina at 0915. A signup sheet for the tours will be on the bulletin board, and anyone who wishes to attend one should sign up on a first-come, first-served basis. The tour includes a short ride down by cable car from the apes den at mid-rock, and the bus will meet you at the bottom and return you to Marina Bay. The tours are expected to take approximately two hours.

9. NAR Schedule for Gibraltar. We have had a few last-minute changes to the NAR schedule and will have an updated schedule upon arrival. It now looks like this:

Sat. June 26 1000 Assemble off Gibraltar for Yachting cover shot and NAR movie coverage 1200 Arrival at Marina Bay Sun. June 27 ---- Free day (Sunday wine and cheese on the pier cancelled due to addition of Monday evening party) Mon. June 28 ---- Bunkering begins 1800-2000 Sangria, beer, soft drinks, tapas at the Little Mermaid Tavern, Marina Bay Complex at the head of the pier (Hosted by Marina Bay) Tue. June 29 ---- Bunkering continues 1900 Busses depart Marina Bay for Minister of Tourism reception at The Mount 1930-2130 Cocktails hosted by Gibraltar Minister of Tourism at The Mount (dress: "lounge suit"--jacket, tie, long trousers) 2130 Buses depart The Mount for return to Marina Bay Wed. June 30 ---- Bunkering continues 0915-1100 Tour of Gibraltar Thu. July 1 ---- Bunkering continues 0915-1100 Tour of Gibraltar Fri. July 2 ---- Bunkering continues 0915-1100 Tour of Gibraltar Sat July 3 1000-1700 Open House for selected yachts Sun. July 4 1830 Buses depart for St. Michael's Cave 1900-2300 Grand Finale NAR party at St. Michael's Cave (dress: coat and tie) 2300 Buses depart for Marina Mon. July 5 1200 Rally officially disbands 1400 Rally office closes

Milt Baker NAR Advance Team

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